Manufacturer’s Description

You awaken in a small, enclosed room with metal walls. You have no recollection of where you are. Perhaps a prison cell? An angled metal door lies ahead. With effort, you push the creaky slab open. This is not at all what you expected. The "prison" you just exited is now revealed to be a small, badly damaged spacecraft. Walking along a trail in foreign terrain, gun in hand, you journey onward to find out where you are and what your purpose is here. Observing your surroundings beyond the carnage reveals a beautiful and serene, yet somehow spooky, landscape. Two moons are in the sky. Ruins are in the distance. And a big, bad alien is eating one of your buddies. Unreal places you in a stunningly lifelike 3-D world that is as dangerous as it is beautiful. Whether playing alone or on the Internet, Unreal will change your perception of what computer games should be.

The Specs

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Additional Specifications
Min License Size (Not Applicable)
Description Unreal" Full Product CD-ROM 1U
Recommended Disk Space 450 MB
Software Type Action|Adventure
Required Disk Space 100 MB
UPC (Not Specified)
Other Recommendations 3D Graphics Accelerator
Required Processor Class Intel Pentium Processor
Other Requirements CD-ROM
Version / Edition (Not Specified)
Geographic Localization (Not Specified)
Recommended Memory 128 MB
Required Memory 16 MB
Recommended Processor Speed 266 MHz
Pricing Level (Not Applicable)
Point Level (Not Applicable)
Max License Size 1 Users
Technical Support URL
Required Processor Speed 166 MHz
Technical Support Phone Number 425-398-3085
Manufacturer Sku 04-12527
System Type PC (Intel x86 Compatible)
Vendor IN9
Product Family Unreal"
Recommended Processor Class Intel Pentium II Processor|Intel Pentium Processor w/MMX Technology
Product Line Series Model (Not Applicable)
Manufacturer Description Unreal
Language Localization (Not Specified)
SKU 0412527
Points/Units (Not Applicable)
Category Entertainment
Class Software-Entertainment
Quick Glance
ESRB Rating M (Mature)
Required Operating System Microsoft Windows 95
Media Format CD-ROM
License Type Full Product

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