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Multi Period Sensing, Dual Voltage Technology, and Smart Electronic Timing AlignmentIncludes 11 round double-d coil plus 11 monoloop coilIncludes Koss UR-30 100 ohm headphonesEight timingsSix preset detecting patternsAutomatic ground balance1-100 audio tone variable control1-20 target volume adjust rangeAutomatic and manual 0-255 noise cancelOff and 1-10 iron discrimination64 x 128 pixels transflective display with backlightWeight: 5.3 lbsHailed as the best gold metal detector in the world, the Minelabe GPX 5000 Gold Metal Detector is the ultimate way to find more gold than ever before. Outfitted with the best technology, the GPX 5000 uses Multi Period Sensing to enhance standard single pulse width to varying pulse widths for increased ground balance, sensitivity and depth detection, Dual Voltage Technology to transmit two different voltage levels in the coil achieving even better ground balance, sensitivity and depth detection, and Smart Electronic Timing Alignment to independently align multiple timings for improved sensitivity and depth detection in all timings. Includes 11 round double-d coil plus 11 monoloop coil and Koss UR-30 100 ohm headphones. Eight timings for digital switching and processing of the electronics essentially give you eight metal detectors in one featuring fine gold timing, salt/gold timing for finding gold in salty ground like the beach, coin/relic timing for medium to large targets, along with normal, sensitive extra, enhance, sharp, and sensitive smooth timings.There are six preset detecting patterns for quick detecting and automatic ground balance options for various soil conditions. Features 1-100 audio tone variable control to eliminate electrical interference, 1-20 target volume adjust range, automatic and manual 0-255 noise cancel for reducing unwanted sound, and off and 1-10 iron discrimination for better selecting targets. The 64 x 128 pixels transflective display with its automatic time-out white backlight m

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Product Type Lawn Mowers
Parent Retsku B005U5RQ48
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