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Enabled by Exabyte's award-winning VXA Packet Technology, VXA X Tape offers the scalability of three different cartridge capacities, compatibility with the next generation drive, and the ability to reliably restore data even under the most extreme conditions. Tapes available in three different tape cartridge capacities 500 minimum uses (vs. DDS's 99 maximum uses) Uses VXA Packet Technology for the most reliable restore in tape Competitive pricing to DDS VXA X Tapes are available in 20/40GB (native/compressed), 40/80 GB and 80/160 GB capacities for the same VXA-2 drive, providing users the flexibility to choose the capacity that best meets their current storage and budget needs with the ability to add capacity on demand, simply by using higher capacity VXA Tapes. With VXA X Tape cartridge pricing comparable to DDS, users can now easily step up to enterprise-class backup and restore technology and a better TCO. The new low price of X Tape, along with all of the benefits of VXA Packet Technology, makes the VXA Packet Format the clear replacement for aging DDS.Format: X23 (230m) Data Cartridge VXA-2 Capacity: 80GB/160B (uncompressed/compressed)VXA-3 Capacity: 80GB/160GB (uncompressed/compressed)Exabyte Part Number: 111.00221TapeLengthVXA-2 Capacity (GB)*VXA-172 Capacity (GB)*VXA-320 Capacity (GB)*P/NX23230m80/160(Not used w/VXA-172)160/320 111.00221X10124m43/8686/17286/172 111.00206X662m20/4040/8040/80 111.00200X

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Parent Retsku B00GDNAHQU
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