Manufacturer’s Description

The key point of Just5 mobile phones is unique original design and ergonomics. All the devices are designed from the scratch focusing on usage by elderly people, children and persons with limited abilities. The visual design and ergonomics is made by leading designers and mobile phones engineers from USA, China and Russia. The manufacturing of Just5 products is located in China, but assembling is made under strict control of European and American management. Just5 mobile phones are based on MTK and Infeneon platforms.The functionality of Just5 phones is very simple, basic, the phone is easy to understand and operate by elderly people, children and persons with limited abilities. At the same time Just5 simple phones don't look like cheap phones. Small functionality in amazing design - this is the basic principle of Just5 product development. Due to original and stylish design Just5 phones went out of the target users group - the phones are widely used by teenagers, young people, many people use Just5 phones as second device, as a temporary device for vacation. Quite often Just5 phones are bought as not expensive, but quite original gift to relatives and friends. The gift that doesn't look cheap and has very high wow factor! Just5 phones became fun-accessories for everybody.

The Specs

Physical Attributes
Color Orange
Quick Glance
Color Orange

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