Manufacturer’s Description

The GLOBAL VILLAGE TelePort 56K/V.92 Model 6250 is an external dialup modem that maximizes the performance of any serial port-equipped Macintosh computer. The Model 6250 conforms to the newly adopted ITU V.92 and companion V.44 standards. The GLOBAL VILLAGE TelePort 56K/V.92 Model 6250 is also compatible with the V.90 standard for maximum usability with both present and future 56K online services. Plus, unlike many modems being sold today, the Model 6250 incorporates an on-board controller and DSP . That means there's no performance compromise since the Model 6250 does not rely on your computer's CPU to perform the complex, multiple, real-time computing tasks required for high-speed communications.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Software Included GlobalFax Data/Fax S/W
Modem Transmission Data Rate 56 Kbps
Correction Compression Standards ITU-T V.42|MNP-4|MNP-2|MNP-3
Frequency Band Built-in Devices: LED panelPower adapter: External
Serial Port Yes
Dimensions 1.5" Height x 6.5" Width x 5.2" Depth
Number of Modem (RJ-11) Ports 1
Brand Name Zoom
Bus Type Serial
Command Set AT Command Set
Shipping Weight 2.24 lb
Modulation ITU-T V.27ter
Max Fax Data Speed 56 Kbps Data Receive Maximum|14.40 Kbps Fax|48 Kbps Data Send Maximum
Fax Transmission Data Rate 14.4 Kbps
Product Model 6250
Data Standards MNP-5
Interface Connection 1 x RJ-11 Modem|1 x RS-422
Category Ingram Modems
Required Operating System Macintosh OS Supported: Mac OS
Class Modem
Fax Standards Group 3|Class 1
Quick Glance
Internal/External External
Modem Type Data/Fax Modem

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