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You spend long hours at the computer. Sometimes your wrist aches from bending, twisting, and turning as you browse and work. The Allsop Heat Therapy Mouse pad has been designed with you in mind.Any good advice giver will tell you - alternate heat and cold. For swelling - 20 minutes of heat, 20 minutes of cold. For muscle aches - heat, then cold. For sore wrists tired from typing or mousing - a little bit of heat and a little bit of cold. You want to keep the blood flowing, and a little heat is the best way to do that. But part of the cause of repetitive stress disorders, is? well? repetitive actions and circumstances. A little cooling reduces swelling and eases aches.The Heat Therapy Mouse Pad lets you choose to follow advice or come up with your own. The mouse pad's temperature insert pad can either go in the microwave for 10 to 12 seconds, or the freezer for two hours (directions are located on the heat pads), to give you a little heat or cold therapy in the wrist area. And we include two insert pads with the set-up so you can keep one in the freezer while you're heating up the other. Take the temperature-treated Mouse Pad and drop it in front of your keyboard for prolonged typing. Keep the blood flowing to your hands and fingers and reduce the swelling and aches. Whether you have pain in your wrists or not, the Heat Therapy Mouse Pad is a good way to head it off. Product Measures: 11.5 wide x 10.5 long x 1.5 tall/deep

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Parent Retsku B000Q8QCLW
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