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Most LCD screen protectors fall into one of two main categories; the plastic stick-on sheet or the flip-up housing. Stick-on sheets are prone to peeling off bubbling and have no positive optical qualities while LCD hoods or screen covers add bulk and are cumbersome while only minimally preserving the LCD image. The Giotto AEGIS Glass Screen Protectors are very different in as much as they protect the screen with ultra-high quality Schott German glass while preserving the optical properties of the LCD s display. The Schott glass protection is only 0.5mm in width and adds no significant weight or bulk to the camera body. Most importantly the glass layer protects the screen from impact chemical damage and scratches which can mar a LCD viewing screen. It affixes to a LCD screen with a thin layer of 3M brand double-sided tape which prevents the risk of air bubbles forming under the glass. An added bonus is that the screen is removable and replaceable if it gets scratched or damaged. AEGIS 80 Series protectors also feature multi-coatings that lower reflections withstands UV light and enhances the overall image display. Both sides of the glass are coated with 12 layers of Anti-Reflective (AR) coating that provide an outstanding 98% transmission of light in the 420680 nm range. Highly Transmissive Glass: Elite Schott glass protects and clarifies LCD images. AR Coatings: 12 Layers improve LCD backlight transmission while reducing reflections or glare. Includes Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth: Micro-fiber cloth can be used to clean dirt and grease not only off the LCD protector but also off all of the other camera surfaces; plastic metal or glass. Designed specifically for the Nikon D80 LCD screen. Rear screen dimensions: 59.3 x 49.7mm. Top deck dimensions: 38.4 x 22.0mm.

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Parent Retsku B001940N3U
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