Manufacturer’s Description

Sony is proud to present a stunning HD camera to put the last piece of the HD video production puzzle. The HXR-MC1 is an easy-to-use HD camera system, consisting of a small camera unit and a handheld controlling unit with LCD panel and recording function.This all-in-one tiny camera system needs no extra equipment, take it out and just start shooting. Also, the camera unit is splash-proof, allowing easy usage under tough conditions, such as outdoor shooting or water-side shooting. The range of HD shooting will expand using this one-and-only camera. Moreover, the unique style of the HXR-MC1 enables shooting in unordinary conditions and angles, such as shooting sports scenes from the user's point of view and onboard shooting in motor sports. Thanks to the LCD panel equipped main unit, once the shot is taken, the user can check the material immediately. The possibility is up to the creators.

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