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ACR Holiday Promo Purchase your ACR GlobalFix 406 EPIRB w/ Internal GPS from Landfall Navigation® and receive a FREE ACR RapidDitch Express Bag FREE ACR FireFly3 SOLAS Strobe FREE ACR 168 Piece Survival Kit with Flashlight and Knife & a 6 Month Subscription to 406Link Download the ACR rebate form . ACR GlobalFix 406 EPIRB w/ Internal GPS AKA GeoFix, Geo Fix 2842 Cat.1 (RLB-37 CAT I) (formerly 2742NH RLB-35 (2742)) 2844 Cat.2 (RLB-37 CAT II) (formerly 2744NH RLB-35 (2744)) The ACR GlobalFix 406 MHz EPIRB w/ Internal GPS provides instant recognition of who and where you are when activated. The GlobalFix is the state of the art of EPIRBs , and in our opinion is the EPIRB to buy and venture offshore with. With its built in GPS, it broadcasts your registered, unique distress code as well as your latitude and longitude, allowing for much faster satellite fixes. GEOSAR satellites instantly know who you are, and where you are within a 100-foot radius. This unit also broadcasts on homing frequency 121.5 MHz. The ballasted unit floats, antenna up, and has a strobe built in to the top of the housing. Its five-year lithium battery will operate continuously in most conditions for at least 48 hours. Built-in strobe for enhanced location in poor visibility conditions Single, three-position switch for easy test of battery, EPIRB and GPS operation. Steady green LED indicates unit has passed full functional EPIRB test. Flashing red LED indicates unit is ON GPS has Header Test Feature and Self Test feature built-in, or can be fully tested at ACR Authorized Service Stations Can be manually activated; self-buoyant - no external float collar to lose Lanyard coil retained with all around cover for non-tangling deployment High impact plastic case designed to withstand exposure to UV rays, oil, sea water and raft packing Field programmable - built-in vessel code can be reprogrammed by any Authorized Service Center worldwide (Maritime/Serialized/Radio Call Sign/MID Protocols, Country Code, etc.) 5-year limited warranty / replacement life lithium battery Size (including antenna): 17.5 x 6.25 x 5.5 in. (44.5 x 15.4 x 14.0 cm) Weight: 4.5 lbs. (2.0 kg) Replacement EPIRB Antennas available. NO LONGER AVAILABLE --> Check out the new ACR GlobalFix iPRO 406 MHz GPS EPIRB .

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