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RT-SPB1017W/M Glossy Screen Protector For 17W Laptop, Apple 17 and LCD Monitor Product details: This is a Glossy type LCD screen protector, suited to fit 17W” laptop or Apple Macbook 17 LCD screens. The silicone glue allows for easy attachment, while the micro fiber cloth allows for quick cleaning before placement of screen protector. Unique company features: - The glossy surface brightens your screen. - The hard coating 3H, protects the screen from scratches. - The liner contains a release tab, all of which is silicone glued onto the screen protector, which makes it easy to peel off. - The silicone glue makes for easy attachment or reapplying of protector. - Keeps oil and fingerprints off LCD while in use. - Each pack includes a screen protector and high quality Japanese made micro fiber wiping cloth. Customer service support information: Toll Free: 1-888-248-2019 Product specifications: Content: One 17W” glossy screen protector with a high quality Japanese made micro fiber cloth. Dimensions: 14 7/16 ”x 9” Thickness: 0.1 mm

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Parent Retsku B00I3USRL8
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