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Much more than just an antivirus.Only VirusBarrier X6 provides comprehensive protection from malware and network threats. VirusBarrier X6 is the only antivirus program for Mac that includes full anti-malware protection together with firewall network protection anti-phishing anti-spyware features and more. As malware changes protection needs to be reinforced While viruses Trojan horses worms and other forms of malware are a constant threat to computers of all kinds cyber-criminals are turning to new techniques to infect and control your Mac. These new threats come silently with little warning over the Internet: in many cases simply visiting a booby-trapped web page can compromise your Mac. Focusing on malware or network attacks alone is no longer sufficient to protect Macs from the dangers of the Internet. Comprehensive protection with VirusBarrier X6 VirusBarrier X6 the latest version of Intego s network and malware security program includes more than 100 new features. With multiple threat-detection techniques improved methods of detection combined detection protocols proactive behavioral analysis and a full range of defensive functions VirusBarrier X6 protects Macs from all known network-based threats as well as all known malware.An innovative interface VirusBarrier X6 s overview screen displays information about how the program is running and provides real-time feedback on its activities. It includes buttons and indicators that provide access to all of the program s main functions. Users can launch scans monitor network throughput and change settings for VirusBarrier X6 s many features. The best program to stop Mac and Windows malware VirusBarrier X6 is the best antivirus for Mac. With Intego s Virus Monitoring Center keeping watch for Mac malware users are protected from all known

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Required Operating System Mac OS
License Type Subscription License
Max License Size 5 User