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A game of tiles (traditionally 144 tiles) Mahjong plays like a card game. It is suggested that Confucius may have developed Mahjong around 500 BC bit its popularity rose around 1120 AD. Although apparently viewed as a game of pure luck in some circles in reality Mahjong features considerable strategy and over the course of an entire match Skill will tell over Luck. Skill in the Mahjong is enhanced (and Luck diminished) if Flowers and Seasons are omitted and minimum hands are allowed (because it means all players tend to remain in the game not just the lucky one who happened to draw a minimum hand). How then to win at Mahjong? Computer versions use complex multi-layered matching variations. The Hoyle collection offers many variations for challenge and fun. Format: WIN XP WIN 7. Genre: Entertainement. Release Date: 8/24/2010.

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Parent Retsku B003VUNWG0
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