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The Pogo Stylus is beautifully designed to precisely trigger the multi-touch display in your iPhone or iPod touch. Use it to type, navigate, sketch, and play. Sized for accuracy, the patent-pending stylus does away with the awkward typos and misfires common to fingertip-only use. Sketch, type and navigate with greater precision. This model boasts anodized aluminum with subtle highlights, and a strict attention to detail. The stylus has a soft tip that's small enough to let you navigate the iPhone's interface quickly and incident-free, meaning it won't scratch or leave smudges on the surface. A convenient clip designed for the iPhone keeps the stylus close at hand, so you don't have to worry about digging it out of your pocket every time you need it. The included clips do a lot more than just hold your stylus. We like to think of them as super-clips. From facetime to movies, you'll love having this versatile tool always attached. The included clip is designed to fit iPhone 3G/3GS. An optional clip pack is available for iPhone 1G, iPod touch, iPod touch 2G, and cases designed to fit these devices. Ten One Design, LLC is a design firm based in Montclair, NJ specializing in solutions for the mobile lifestyle. Features Faster typing Nice with nails Soft tip protects display Sleek aluminum Handy clip Product Dimensions DepthWidthHeightWeight Product: 3.5 1.1 0.6 0.04 lb. Product Box: 0.75 1.65 4.25 0.04 lb. Inner Pack: 25 ea. 5.75 8.5 4.25 1.11 lb. Case: 200 ea. 9.25 12 18 10.28

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