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Provides outstanding antivirus and antispyware protection for performance-minded users. It works quietly and efficiently, without slowing your PC down like other security products, so now you can work, game, shop, and socialize online without worry . Protects against over 2.1 Million different viruses and threats.. System Shield finds and removes stubborn and dangerous PC infections, and then permanently protects your system from all future attacks. Never gets in your way System Shield uses a revolutionary approach that allows it to ensure real-time threat protection with a virtually invisible footprint and nearly zero resource consumption.. Won't interrupt games, videos, or other programs with annoying popups. Doesn't weigh your system down with unnecessary add-ons or background activities. Neutralizes threats swiftly and quietly so you never miss a beat as you use your PC. Permanent pest removal . Invisible real-time protection. System Shield's active defense technology is designed to be virtually invisible, so it never bothers you with annoying alerts or overactive security messages. Uses less memory and fewer CPU resources than any other security software .

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