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Motorola S9950/ S9950a/ S9950D Hands free Car Kit is the new version of the Motorola S9610/ S8780/ S8780a/ S9563/ S9563D & other car kits & is apart of Motorola S9565/ S9568/ S9703/ S9708/ BDCA7001A/ BDCA60014A/ BDCA6012A for Motorola 120c/ 120e/ 120t/ 120x/ E815/ T720/ T720c/ T720g/ T720i/ T720ti/ T721/ T722i/ T725/ T725E/ T730c/ T731/ V60/ V60c/ V60g/ V60i/ V60p/ V60s/ V60t/ V260/ V262/ V265/ V266/ V300/ V330/ V360/ V361/ V400/ V500/ V505/ V551/ V555/ V557/ V600/ V710/ V810 cell phone Hands free Speakerphone, Battery Charging, External antenna connection, Radio Mute, Speaker, Microphone, WITHOUT basic mount, without required Hang-up Cup/ Cradle. Motorola S9950D Hands-free unit operates full duplex for a natural conversation & voice quality. Supports Voice dialing on capable Motorola cell phone models! Motorola S9950/ S9950a/ S9950d car kit powers your cell phone and provides rapid battery recharging. Car kit continuously illuminates handset display when cell phone is in cradle & powered. Radio mute (if you car radio and your phone software already support this capability). Includes Hands-Free Pro-Install Control Box, Power Cable, External Microphone and Amplified Loudspeaker. IMPORTANT: Hang-Up Cup is Not included and must be purchased separately. Many hang-up cups are no longer in production. Choose from one of the following Hang-up Cup options for the Motorola S9950/ S9950a/ S9950D hands free car kit to be completed, then add an external antenna: Motorola T720/ T720c/ T720g/ T720i/ T720ti/ T721/ T722i/ T730c/ T731 hang-up cup SYN0371 makes a complete Motorola S9708 car kit. Motorola T725/ T725E hang-up cup SYN0740 makes a complete car kit. Motorola V60/ V60c/ V60g/ V60i/ V60t hang-up cup SYN0301 makes a complete S9703/ S8780 car kit. Motorola V60s/ V60p hang-up cup SYN0705 makes a complete car kit, however it is no longer available from Motorola. Motorola V120/ 120c/ 120e/ 120t/ 120x hang-up cup SYN9269A makes a complete car kit, however it is no longer availa

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