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The PROMASTER 7500EDF Digital is a fully dedicated TTL flash designed to work seamlessly with today's high tech digital SLRs as well as traditional SLRs. It includes many advanced features including motorized zoom, multiple and modeling modes, and remote slave function. Along with all of these great features, you get full TTL integration with your digital SLR. The flash has a low profile design, a metal flash foot and features the added benefit of being able to update the firmware which insures that you will get many years of reliable flash photography. - - One of the handicaps of a camera (film or digital type) is the need to have good light to make a great picture. Many of today's cameras can take pictures indoors without flash or offer a built in electronic flash. However, adding more light in just the right amount can make the difference between a good picture and a remarkable picture. - - When you see pictures taken by today's contemporary photojournalists, the definition and tonality of the picture can be awesome. Accurate color, sharp detail and balanced illumination are important parts of great photography. And while some people still think film cameras make better pictures than digital, many who are shooting digital know that their pictures easily rival those shot on film. The biggest limitation to a digital camera is the sensitivity of the image sensor. Even though you can adjust the film speed setting on your digital camera, you really are only adjusting the

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Parent Retsku B00125XY28
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