Manufacturer’s Description

HDCP compliant v1.3 HDMI baluns transmit HD video/audio up to 200ft. using CAT-5/6 - Niles HDMI CAT-5 Baluns are compliant with HDMI version 1.3, which enables next generation HDTVs, PCs, DVRs and DVD players to transmit and display content in billions of colors with unprecedented vividness and accuracy. This provides integrators with a solution that utilizes the latest technology for installations already pre-wired with CAT-5 cable. The new HDMI models feature active circuitry that provides the flexibility to place the power supply at either end of the cable run, whichever makes the most sense for the installation.Niles HDMI Baluns convert high-definition audio and video signals to balanced circuit topology, enabling the signals to be transmitted over long runs of low cost CAT-5/CAT-6 cabling. Operating in pairs, baluns require both a transmitter and a receiver with the transmitter typically located near the source component and the receiver located near a flat panel display. HDMI CAT-5 Baluns utilize dual runs of CAT-5 cabling to support HDMI signal transmission of up to 100 feet for 1080p resolution. Lower resolutions can be transmitted over even longer runs. Shielded CAT-5 connectorsCompatible with HDMI resolutions from 480i to 1080pUses two runs of CAT-5 cableHDCP compliantHDMI version 1.3Compatible with CAT-5 and CAT-6 UTP STP1-gang Decora style Transmission distance*480i: up to 200 feet 480p: up to 200 feet 720p/1080i: up to 200 feet 1080p: up to 100 feet 5 volt power supply included with transmit model2-year limited warrantyEach unit weighs 1lb.*actual performance varies depending on factors unique to each installation

The Specs

Warranty Information 2 Year
Height 4.5 in
Width 2.8 in
Depth 2.2 in
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