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When shooting video you must remember that there is more to the video than just the video. There is the very important element called audio. The audio is just as, if not more, important than the video. What is the point of watching a video if you can not understand the audio? The question then is, "How do I get good audio?" There is only one answer - USE AN EXTERNAL MICROPHONE! The built-in microphone that comes equipped with most camcorders will generally fall far short of your requirements. The MIC-403 is small but powerful. This super compact mighty mic zooms in to pinpoint audio sources for improved audio quality. Picks up conversations, speeches, nature sounds and more. Stylish and high quality - it's a top performer. Now - not only will your video look spectacular, but it will sound spectacular as well! The Microphone comes Equipped with two modes, normal for close up and zoom for long distances. This Microphone has the technology to filter out any unwanted background noise. It allows you to pick your subject's sound more clearly while reducing side noises. When to zoom mode you can capture super sound while reducing background noise. the Mini Microphone easily mounts to your digital camcorder using the included mounting bracket. You can also turn it into a hand held microphone using the 6ft. extension cord. Its compact size makes it great for traveling.

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Parent Retsku B002DZ64HI
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