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For the advanced amateur astronomer, Starry Night Pro Plus version 6.3 cutting-edge features will keep you engaged in your hobby like no other software can. Version 6.3 has over 20 new features including: new planets and their moons have been added and updated, 5 additional photorealistic horizon panoramas, animated trips between planets now include visually appealing planet avoidance, Saturn's rings and ring shadows more precise than ever, dramatically improved spaceship responsiveness, distance spheres can now be added to any solar system body with any radius and color, shadow cones can be displayed to show the shadows of orbiting bodies, updated LiveSky links and images, and much more! It also includes all the features of Starry Night Pro 6.0! Zoom in on any portion of a dazzling 20,000-image color AllSky CCD mosaic of the entire sky, to a limiting magnitude of 14-15! Powerful observation-planning tools and a database of 65 million stars and over 1 million deep-sky objects let Pro Plus control most computerized telescopes using its superb graphics as your interface. A plug-in to MaxIm DL imaging software lets you take pictures with your telescope and camera and import them back into Starry Night. Receive automatic updates of orbital data of satellites, comets, and asteroids. Customize field-of-view indicators to match your eyepieces.

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