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Polyken/Nashua 360-17 FoilMastic Butyl Rubber Tape is a printed, 2 mil dead-soft aluminum foil backing with a 15 mil butyl rubber mastic adhesive. It is a waterproofing repair tape used for indoor or outdoor sealing of low, medium & high pressure HVAC duct systems (includes: metal duct, fiberglass duct and flexible duct systems). It seals cracks and seams in gutters, roof alleys, eaves, hips and ridges. Seal around chimneys and vent stacks. Repair gouges, rips, tears in metal panels of trailers, shipping containers and metal buildings. Also used to seal leaks in vans, cars, and trucks and for mobile home repair. Use duct mastic to mend poorly sealed connections; improve indoor air quality (since fewer pollutants circulating); lower utility bills; and burn fewer fossil fuels. SMACNA A, B, and C Seal Classes. UL 723 classified. Low VOC content and can contribute toward satisfying EQ Credit 4.1 (Low Emitting Materials) under LEED. Features include: Permanent sealant. Provides instant water tight bond. Acceptable for use on galvanized materials. Heavy duty all weather foil coated butyl mastic. Excellent adhesion to all surfaces. Extremely conformable. Non-staining adhesive. Paintable 2 mil foil backing (use in place of caulk). Excellent resistance to cold, heat, water, and sunlight. Printed for easy identification. Release liner provides ease of installation. We label the tape as Polyken/Nashua 360-17 in the product description because they are co-brands owned by Berry Plastics (the parent company of Nashua, Polyken, Ludlow, Patco, etc. tape brands). The core of the tape can be labelled as either Polyken or Nashua depending on the runs we get the cut rolls from.

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