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The ultimate iPod movie and- music experience- Product- Information- The Xitel IMC2 MovieCENTER for iPod connects your iPod to a TV, stereo,- or computer for superior sound and video quality- Featuring- powerful remote control, it automatically charges your iPod while- making iPod movies and music sound massive- The Xitel IMC2- MovieCENTER turns your iPod into a home entertainment powerhouse- More than just a dock, MovieCENTER includes powerful- processing technology that transforms iPod media into a spectacular- sound experience- Combining the best possible audio and image- quality, MovieCENTER fully integrates your iPod into your living room- for a rich, vibrant, and incredibly immersive experience- Product Highlights- Advanced Audio Processing -- MovieCENTER includes breakthrough new technology that adds- back the warmth and depth audio compression takes away while- dramatically enhancing detail and clarity- Hear your iPod in- a whole new way as MovieCENTER's powerful processor transforms TV- shows, movies, and music into a more realistic and immersive experience-- Bigger Bass - MovieCENTER includes- TruBass processing for ground-shaking subwoofer-like performance from- ordinary TV or stereo speakers-- Clearer Dialog - Dialog Clarity creates- a virtual center speaker that lets you hear even the quietest whisper- in crystal clear detail no matter how much background action there is-- Amazing Realism - MovieCENTER uses- pyschoacoustics to massively improve detail by processing the surround- sound data locked in movie soundtracks- Enjoy greatly- enhanced realism as sounds as special effects you've never heard come- to life-- Product Features- - Connect - Connect your iPod to a TV,- home theater, powered speakers, or computer with component video for- Premium TVs, composite video for regular TVs, RCA audio for home stereo- systems, and USB for computer transfers-- Play - High fidelity, gold-plated RCA- outlets provide superior sound quality- Cutting edge design ensures- your home stereo system receives an exceptionally pure and dynamic- signal for crystal clear performance-- Watch - Composite and component video- jacks provide sharp, detailed movies and photos on any TV- Built to the same standards as high-end home theater- equipment, MovieCENTER makes video from your iPod look the best it- possibly can-- Transfer - MovieCENTER includes super- fast USB 2-0 for transferring content from a computer onto your iPod- With MovieCENTER, it's easy to keep your iPod and iTunes- totally synchronized-- Control - A powerful remote conveniently- controls your iPod over extended distances- Swap between- tracks and playlists, pause, play, fast forward or rewind, adjust the- volume, change processor settings, or turn your iPod on and off- remotely-- Charge - Power and- automatically charge your iPod while it plays- Preserve your- iPod battery with MovieCENTER's direct power supply - perfect for- avoiding heavy battery drain during move playback-- Compatibility - Includes Apple's- Universal Dock for compatibility with present and future generation- iPods, MovieCENTER is made for iPod with video, iPod nano (3rd gen),- iPod classic, and iPod touch- MovieCENTER for iPod also- supports iPod nano (1st and 2nd gen) using the Apple Dock Adapter clip- supplied with your iPod (iPod and clip not included)-- Includes- - MovieCENTERfor iPod- Remote Control- Remote Battery- Power Adapter- RCA Audio Cable- Component Video Cable- Composite Video Cable- USB Cable- User Manual- Dock Inserts- Specifications- Compatibility: iPod with- video, iPod nano (3rd generation), iPod classic, SKU: XS166171

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Parent Retsku B0015FX0R4
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