Manufacturer’s Description

The Razer Scarab gaming mouse mat is the much anticipated sequel to the Razer Destructor. To create a mouse mat that is on par with the performance capabilities of today's gaming mice the engineers at Razer revisited the Razer Destructor to improve the Razer Fractal surface - the core of the Razer Destructor's dominance. The result is the enhanced Razer Fractal 2.0 surface composition: The entire mouse mat is subdivided into very small areas, each of which displays self-similarity to its surrounding areas. This aids mice sensors to establish a highly responsive and uniform tracking. The Razer Scarab is fine-tuned to be an all-rounder, allowing you to make effortless swipes across the entire surface as well as precise movements to acquire your targets more accurately.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Brand Name Razer
Thickness 118.1 mil
Product Model RZ02-00420100-R3U1
Product Line Scarab
Dimensions 0.1" Thickness x 13.8" Width x 9.8" Depth
Quick Glance
Product Type Mouse Pad

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