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With the latest trend in mobile gaming, extreme gamers continue to seek for high performing gaming notebooks to match the specifications needed to play their game. However, not all laptops are built with adequate thermal solution. This can lead to overheating, unfavorable in-game lag, and possibly cause permanent hardware damage. Even high performance laptops can see great benefits from the additional cooling. CM Storm unveils the SF-19 laptop cooler to augment your laptop and take its performance to the next level. Utilizing a Multi-Light Shader™, The SF-19 helps create an environment for any gaming intensity by providing 7 different light profiles. It makes creating an ambiance to fit a gamer's mood an easy task. In addition, special consideration is paid to mobility in that the SF-19 can effortlessly be transported to a new gaming battleground via its swift carrying handle. Included AC Adapter is required to power the fans. Mammoth cooling surface - SF-19 is constructed with an enormous heat-dissipating surface plain, made capable to endure critical temperatures from all laptop sizes, it is the state-of-the-art laptop cooler for all 19 gaming laptops and beyond. 2 removable 140mm S shaped blade fans - SF-19 is equipped considerably with 2 turbine fans, fully customizable and positioned to dissipate heat from the heat source directly. S shaped blade facilitates and exhales more cold air, providing unprecedented airflow. Multi-light shader - Multi-light shader displays 7 changeable led colors, personalized with breathing effect, formulating the ultimate customization and ambiences for your favorite gaming rig. Structurally enhanced mesh surfacing - Cold-forged polygon mesh surface plains allow maximum air flow, structured to efficiently normalize thermal formations, effectively cooling and alleviating tough spot-thermal build ups. Anti-slip rubber cable slot - Reinforced with premium anti-slip rubbers, the SF-19 safely secures all laptop in place even under rigorous gaming. The rubberized areas also protect the SF-19 from damages, adding shock absorbing fortification to protect the hardware under transport. In addition to the anti-slip features, it also acts as a cable management system, assorting various types of cables for your laptop and peripherals. 4 ports of USB 2.0 - 4 USB 2.0 ports

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Parent Retsku B00F2EHBBU
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