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The Glidetrack Hybrid 30.5 (0.75m) Heavy Duty Mini Dolly/Slider offers a sturdy alternative to more cumbersome dolly tracks, giving you the power to create smooth, Hollywood-style tracking shots. But this slider brings improved levels of smoothness to your camera movements by combining both traditional Drylin self-lubricating bearings with individual roller bearings.Unlike typical roller-bearing systems - which use dirt-attracting grease and noisy metal bearings - the Hybrid's specially designed rollers utilize an open architecture that's self-lubricating, dry-running and can be easily swapped out or disassembled for cleaning. Cleaning is also easy: simply hold the parts under tap water or a quick blast of air - no tools required. The unit's newly designed rubber feet are not only adjustable, but allow for shooting on inclines, uneven ground and even upside down.Whether attached to a tripod (via the 1/4 or 3/8 mounting threads) or resting on a tabletop, the Hybrid makes the most of its simple, industrial-grade design to deliver smooth-as-glass motion. Its wide rails and heavy-grade construction make it ideal for medium-to-large DSLR/camcorder rigs using rod support systems, bringing a high-end look to productions large and small.

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