Manufacturer’s Description

Dialogic D600JCT2E175W combined media board is ideal for developers seeking to provide cost-effective, scalable, high-density communications applications requiring digital network interfaces as well as multimedia resources such as voice and, in certain environments, software-based speech recognition or fax in a single personal computer (PC) slot. These boards offer a rich set of advanced features and support digital signal processing (DSP) technology, continuous speech processing (CSP), and industry-standard PCI and PCI Express bus and CT Bus technologies.

The Specs

Additional Specifications
Brand Name Dialogic
Carrier Supported E-carrier
Frequency Band Channel associated signaling (CAS) (T-1)ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI)Silence-compressed recordingGlobal Call interfaceR2MF (E1)
Resource Bus H.100 -
Number of E1 Lines 60
Product Model D600JCT2E175W
Voice Codec GSM
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