Manufacturer’s Description

The Dialogic Diva PRI/E1/T1-CTI (Diva PRI/E1/T1-CTI) has been designed to meet and exceed CTI requirements. Offering E1, T1, or ISDN Primary Rate (PRI) digital network interfaces, the Diva PRI/E1/T1-CTI provides proven and reliable connectivity with all kinds of PBX and switch system. The Diva PRI/E1/T1-CTI is available in a PCI and a PCI Express version. Because of a comprehensive implementation of signaling protocols, including all international ISDN variants and QSIG, the sophisticated supplementary services are made available to the application. Designed for full-duplex operation on every channel, simultaneous voice prompt streaming and recording is available for every active call. Powerful DTMF recognition and generation capabilities provide the in-band control required for voice mail and IVR applications.

The Specs

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