Manufacturer’s Description

This Wilson Magnet Mount Cellular Antenna was carefully designed to minimize loss and maximize gain on both the 800 MHz and 1900 MHz bands. This is accomplished by using a phasing coil and a low loss coaxial phase reversing device that provides high gain on both frequencies. Wilson`s innovative design results in high efficiency with low losses and will get the most signal to your cellular phone.The Wilson Magnet Mount Cellular Antenna is perfect for any metal surface that is free from obstacles which could cause signal interference. Its main benefits over our other dual band antennas are its ease of installation and the ability to quickly move it from place to place. This is especially useful for those who travel or have multiple vehicles needing an antenna.

The Specs

Physical Attributes
Height 12.3 in
Additional Specifications
Connectors 1 x FME Female
Brand Name Wilson
Polarization Vertical
Description Magnet Mount Dual-Band Cellular Antenna
Frequency Band Type UHF
Frequency Band Metal ground plane required (Minimum 3.5 in. Diameter)Radiation Patterns:E-Plane @ 850 MHzH-Plane @ 1920 MHzWavelength:0.9 Wavelength 806-894 MHz2.0 Wavelength 1850-1990 MHz
Connector Type FME
Number of Connectors 1
SKU D301103
Antenna Gain 6.1 dBi
Gain 6.1 dBi - 1.99 GHz
Quick Glance
Device Type Antenna

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