Manufacturer’s Description

This is the portable device that preserves cherished slides and film negatives at 9 megapixel resolution without being tethered to a computer or electrical outlet. Slides (35mm) and negatives (110 and 135) are placed into a tray that aligns each properly when it is inserted into the converter. The touch of a button captures the image in 3-5 seconds as a JPEG file that can be immediately previewed on the built-in 2 1/2 TFT color display and stored onto an SD memory card (8 GB card sold below stores over 10,000 pictures). You can transfer images to a PC running Windows 7, Vista, or XP, or a Mac via the included USB cable (or remove your SD card). You can also connect it directly to a TV to view the conversion process or your converted images. Its 9 MP CMOS sensor provides 3328 x 2216 resolution, automatic exposure control, and color balance, resulting in clear digital images without loss of quality. Its rechargeable battery provides up to three hours of operation from a three-hour charge using the included AC adapter (or a six-hour charge via USB). Includes photo editing software that allows optional manipulation of converted digital photos. 6 1/2 H x 4 1/4 W x 4 1/4 D. (1 lb.)

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