Manufacturer’s Description

The Aperion Intimus 4T Summit Wireless System includes five Aperion Intimus speakers and an Aperion Bravus 8A subwoofer, all with built-in digital receiver and dual amplifiers, along with the Aperion HDMI Digital Wireless Home Theater One Preamp Transmitter and remote control. The system replaces all speaker wires with an uncompressed, audiophile-grade 24-bit digital wireless link that transmits pure sound directly from all your home theater sources to each speaker in your system.

The Specs

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System Features
Audio DAC 24 Bit
Quick Glance
Sound Supported Dolby Digital|Dolby Digital Plus|Dolby Pro-Logic IIx|Dolby TrueHD|DTS|DTS-HD Master Audio
Interface Connection Audio - Digital Optical Input|Audio - RCA Input|HDMI Input|HDMI Output
Speaker Channels 5 Speakers w/ Subwoofer (5.1)
Number of HDMI Inputs 3

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