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The ML360 Midi LED light is an ideal hobby light for use with a compact camera or entry level DSLR. It can be hand held, fitted to numerous Manfrotto supports via its standard ¼ thread or mounted on a flash shoe, either horizontally or vertically thanks to the DUO feature with it's two shoe attachments. This also allows multiple ML series lights to be stacked together to give a stronger light.Used singly, an ML360's 36 LEDs emit continuous light at a constant temperature of 5600°K (daylight), with an illuminance of 420 LUX at a distance of 1m. Its infinately variable dimmer allows precise control over light output and exposure. An ML360 is a convenient, compact and portable light source. The cone of light it produces is diffuse and soft-edged; with no heat generated and with a beam of around 30°, it can illuminate a person standing 3m (10ft) away, making it ideal for many close-range applications such as interview lighting, Vox Pops, casual or social video. Like the smaller LED lights, it can be used off-camera as a macro photography light without overheating delicate subjects. When fitted onto a DSLR shoe, a handy 3200K LED lights the camera controls to assist you in low light conditions.

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Parent Retsku B005P58BHO
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