Manufacturer’s Description

Compatible with Battery : Sony NP-FH50, FH30, FH70, FH100 , Compatible With Model : DCR-HC20, DCR-HC21, DCR-HC28, DCR-HC30, DCR-HC32, DCR-HC36 DCR-HC38, DCR-HC40, DCR-HC42, DCR-HC46, DCR-HC48, DCR-HC65, DCR-HC85,DCR-HC96, DCR-HC8, DCR-DVD92, DCR-DVD103, DCR-DVD105, DCR-DVD108, DCR-DVD203, DCR-DVD205, DCR-DVD305, DCR-DVD308, DCR-DVD403, DCR-DVD405, DCR-DVD408, DCR-DVD505, DCR-DVD508, DCR-SR40, DCR-SR42, DCR-SR60, DCR-SR62, DCR-SR80, DCR-SR82, DCR-SR100, DCR-SR200, DCR-SR300, HDR-HC3, HDR-HC5, HDR-HC7

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