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Everything you need to mount and use your iPhone 4 on the go. The kit includes the 4Lock holder, one suction and one air duct bracket to mount the 4Lock4 in your car, van, or truck, two handlebar brackets to mount 4Lock on bikes, motorcycles, strollers, gym equipment, as well as anything with handlebars, or any other kind of bar, with a diameter of 0.78" (20mm) to 1.37" (35mm). Also includes a rainproof cover to protect your Apple iPhone. The stylish Italian-designed 4Lock4 complies with the hands-free cell phone use laws while driving. If you are driving and using your iPhone to listen to your favorite tunes, when a call comes in the music fades and you can hold you conversation through the car speaker system. When you hang up, your music gently fades in again. Originally designed for, and integrated onto the dashboard of the Ferrari Spider 16M convertible sports car, the 4Lock is now available for use on a wide variety of vehicles and environments. The 4Lock can be easily locked into place and safely connected, as well as removed, with one hand, in total darkness, without risk of accidentally disconnecting device. This is a key feature exclusive to 4Lock.

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