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The Vonage DigitalVoice Service package contains everything you need to quickly and easily install a phone line in your home. In a matter of minutes, your Vonage DigitalVoice phone can be up and running, and you can be making and receiving calls over your broadband connection to and from your friends, business associates, and faraway relatives. It's easy: just plug the included phone adapter into your high-speed Internet connection and plug your telephone into the adapter. Enjoy the conveniences of a standard telephone service with none of the hassles. With Vonage DigitalVoice, you can talk all you want to anywhere in the country for one flat monthly subscription fee. Plus, you can make international calls at a low per-minute rate. Another bonus is that a U.S. call to Canada is treated like a domestic long distance call rather than an international one. Vonage also supports short-form emergency 911 services, where available. Unlike other Internet telephone service providers, Vonage does not require access numbers, account numbers, or PINs to make a simple phone call. Instead, you just dial your party's phone number on an ordinary telephone keypad. Also, if you purchase DigitalVoice from, the box includes a special URL that lets you register for service without a setup fee, plus you get two months of free calling. Switching your current local phone service to Vonage is a snap. You can even choose any area code you want, subject to availability.

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Parent Retsku B00007MHMN
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