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Now computers, tablets, handhelds, e-readers, game stations and more can share a high-speed connection to the Internet through either 3G cellular, 4G LTE cellular, or fixed broadband connections. Just plug in a cellular broadband USB modem, compatible smartphone, or fixed broadband modem and all the WiFi and Ethernet devices you choose have fast, easy Internet access. The 4501 can also provide an improved cellular connection where the signal strength is low. Put the Wireless-N Router and a cellular modem or tethered smartphone where the cellular signal is the best, such as near a window. Then the Model 4501 will complete the connection to local WiFi devices through extended-range wireless-N capability. The 4501 can also be configured as a wireless LAN repeater to extend the range of your local network.You can connect computers, and other devices to the 4501 through wireless-N or through an Ethernet LAN jack. Wired and wireless routing with security can be added to an ADSL modem or cable modem using the Ethernet WAN jack. When connected to both a cellular and a wired broadband connection, the 4501 will provide automatic cellular backup to your wired broadband connection. A smartphone will charge while tethered to the 4501. The 4501 provides an extensive list of advanced router features, including robust firewalls, VPN Pass-through, DHCP server, Quality of Service (QoS) and other router function for up to 253 simultaneous uses. The 4501 also supports a wide range of Internet service connection protocols, including static IP, dynamic IP (DHCP client), PPTP, L2TP, PPPoE, 3G, and 4G LTE. These can be set up easily by using the 4501's built-in browser interface, or Universal Plug and Play. The 4501 is widely compatible with USB mobile broadband modems and a growing list of smartphones. Zoom regularly updates the Model 4501 to support new devices. Please check our website for the updated list.

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Cable Connectors USB
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