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RDX320 Internal USB Bundle Manufacturer Part Number:  46C5387 The part numbers for the IBM RDX Internal USB Bundle include the following items: One internal carrier/dock (drive) to fit into a 5.25 HH bay One cartridge (either 160 GB, 320 GB, or 500 GB capacity) Documentation CD Software CD Four USB cables for internal tape connectivity: 14-inch USB cable with type 2x3 connector x3200 and x3200 M2 28-inch USB cable with type B connector for x3400 and x3500 12.5-inch USB cable with type 1x6 connector x3650 and x3655 40-inch USB cable with type A locking connector for x3400 M2, x3500 M2, x3650 M2, and other systems Mounting screws

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