Manufacturer’s Description

Burn custom labels, directly to your disc surface with no printer required. LightScribe DVD+Recordable media utilizes your disc recorder's laser to burn precise and permanent, iridescent labels on the gold disc surface. These discs offer 4.7GB or 120 minutes of DVD-quality storage capacity with 16X write speed. These are one-time record discs, ensuring that your movies, video clips or other data will not be erased. LightScribe DVD-Recordable discs are in a DVD+R format. Most DVD writers and readers use these discs interchangeably, with no noticeable performance differences. With older units, check your manufacturer's suggested DVD format to ensure compatibility

The Specs

Warranty Information Lifetime
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Media Attributes
Storage Capacity eid=32111119195
Quick Glance
Media Quantity 30
Media Type 120mmDVD Recordable Media
Maximum Write Speed 16x

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