Manufacturer’s Description

A wave of the hand isn't rude - it's smart! Our motion-activated control means no more sleepy searches for buttons. With just one wave over the infrared sensor you'll be in snooze mode. How civilized. The Magnasonic Projection Clock Radio is smart in other ways too. How would you feel about programming your settings once and then never worrying about them again? Whether you unplug the clock or experience a power outage, your time, date and alarm settings will never be lost. And there'll be no more straining to see the time when you wake up. This clock projects the time onto the wall or ceiling, at whatever angle you choose. So all you have to do is open your eyes. And with an attractive white LCD display and blue backlighting, this clock looks as good as it functions. It's up to you to drag yourself out of bed though.

The Specs

Physical Attributes
Height 2.8 in
Width 2.8 in
Depth 7.4 in
Weight 1.10 lbs
More Info
Warranty Information 1 Year
Additional Specifications
General Features Projection Display|Auto Time Set/Restore|Temperature Display|Motion Activated Snooze
Quick Glance
Tuner Display LCD
Device Type Clock Radio

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