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In the last few years the Internet has changed from a communications network that government entities and universities used almost exclusively, to an information treasure house that people of all ages and occupations can now access. With an Internet account, you can send electronic mail (e-mail) around the world in seconds, do research without leaving home, meet new friends in an online chat room, or shop without getting out of your bathrobe. However, with all these conveniences come a certain element of risk. When you use the Internet, information is transmitted from your computer to other computers on the Internet ? information you may not want other people to have. And those computers can also send files to your computer that may contain viruses. While most of these files are harmless, some can invade your privacy or even damage the data on your computer?s hard drive. McAfee Internet Security addresses any of these potential risks with its comprehensive features designed to protect your privacy and security when using the Internet. With its new features, you can now also act as an Administrator and apply customized protection settings not only for yourself, but for other users of your computer and easily monitor potential risks they may encounter while browsing the Internet.

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Parent Retsku B001DSNIXY
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