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Frequency Band Heat dissipation (typical): 612 BTU's/hourHeat dissipation (maximum): 671 BTU's/hourNoise Power Emission Level: 8 bels, maximumInitialization time: 100 secInventory time: 60 secCartridge swap (drive to slot): 8 sec averageMTBF: 250000 hours (100% duty cycle) (excludes drives)Humidity Operating (wet bulb): 10 to 80% @ 82 F (28 C)Humidity Storage (wet bulb): 10 to 90% @ 82 F (28 C)
Maximum Compressed Data Transfer Rate 160 MBps
Maximum Native Data Transfer Rate 80 MBps
Number of Mail Slots 1
Temperature -40F (-40C) to 140F (60C) Storage
Humidity 10 to 90% Storage
Number of Cartridge Slots 30
Recording Method Linear Serpentine
Native Storage Capacity 12 TB
Product Line StorageWorks
Standard Configuration 1 x Drive/30 x Slot/1 x Mail Slot
Sound Emission 52 dB(A) Average
MSBF/MCBF 2000000 Swaps (Robotics)
Product Model MSL6030
Compressed Storage Capacity 24 TB
Brand Name HP
Rack Height 5U
Number of Drives 1
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