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Image is for demonstation of angles only. Listing is for 1 item. Voltage: 6 Capacity: 12000 Chemistry: AGM Length: 5.900 Width: 1.940 Height: 3.940 Weight: 4.45 Country of Manufacture: China Empire SLA10-6 Fits & Replaces the following:SLA6100, 102 VITAL SIGN MONITOR,804208, 1316 T113 ENERGY PACK, ENERGY PACK 1316, INFANT TRANSPORT INCUBATOR TI1303, T1100, T113 ENERGY PACK 1316, TI113, TI13 ENERGY PACK, TI1303 INFANT TRANSPORT INCUBATOR, TI1303 TRANSPORT, TI67 DOUBLE TRANSPORT INCUBATOR,1320, 800 INFUSION PUMPS, 900 INFUSION PUMPS, 922 INFUSION PUMPS, 926 INFUSION PUMPS, 927 INFUSION PUMPS, 965A MICRO INFUSION PUMP, INFUSION PUMP 800, INFUSION PUMP 900, MINI PC2 INFUSION PUMP/CNTRLR, N7922 VIP INFUSION PUMP, N7927 VIP INFUSION PUMP, PC2 GEMINI INFUSION PUMP/CNTRLR, VIP N7922 INFUSION PUMP, VIP N7927 INFUSION PUMP, G6100, G6120, GB6100, MS521, PS6100P1,6011411, 808 DEFIB, COM1 CARDIAC OUTPUT, N7922, N7922 VIP PUMP, N7927, VIP N7922 PUMP, AM0125, AM0250, AM0500, AM1000, PPS0500, PPS1000, ULTIMATE I1000, ULTIMATE I500, AM-0125, AM-0250, AM-0500, AM-1000, PSS-0500, PSS-1000, ULTIMATE I-1000, ULTIMATE I-500, 450AT, 450AT+, 520ES, 550ES, 800RT, AP166, AP450, AP520, AP800, AP800RT, APC450, BACK-UPS450, BACK-UPS600, BACK-UPS800, BACK-UPS900, BACKUPS 450, BACKUPS 600, BACKUPS 650, BACKUPS 800, BACKUPS 900, NETWORK POWERCELL BD, RBK520, RBK900, SMARTUPS 620, SMARTUPS 900, SU900, UPS520EST,241003, PS6100, BP10-6T2, BP10-6Tl, BP106T1, BP106T2, BP86, BPB-6, B630, 0007MC, 0007MCZZ, 2M8015

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Parent Retsku B000RAU7OW
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