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FaceMount UV 25 x 150' Optically Clear Pressure Sensitive Mounting Adhesive This 25 x 150' Facemount UV adhesive is an optically clear pressure sensitive mounting adhesive protected on each side by a clear polyester release liner. It is available with permanent adhesive on both sides or as a permanent / removable adhesive combination. The 25 x 150' Facemount UV is engineered for face mounting virtually any image to clear substrates such as PetG, acrylic Plexiglas and polycarbonate. It is also appropriate for lenticular applications and backlit display transparencies, such as Duratrans. When applying Facemount adhesive, it is important to pay extra attention to the cleanliness of both the image and mounting substrate. The filmic release liner creates an electrostatic charge that can attract dust particles. Small dust particles will become visibly noticeable if trapped between the adhesive and your substrate. Product number PSF25150. Technical Specifications Roll Width: 25 Roll Length: 150' Core Size: 3 Laminate Type: FaceMount UV Filmic Carrier: 1.0mil (25 micron) Optically clear polyester Adhesive Base: Optically clear solvent acrylic Initial Tack: High Application Speed: 1' - 4' per minute Adhesive Bond: Permanent / Permanent Application Temp: Room Temperature - 120F (49 C) Release Liner: Polyester on both sides

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Parent Retsku B00BNBE0H4
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