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You can check your Original AC Adapter with the output voltage and Amps. If you Amps is below the specifications show above, this AC Adapter will automatically regulated the amps down with the Voltage Setting and ensure your laptop is working and protected. Multiple Voltages Options so you can use this Universal AC Adapter with different Laptops: Input Voltage: 100-240V (input frequency: 47-63Hz) Output power: 90W Switchable Voltage Options: DC15V 6A(MAX); DC16V 5.6A(MAX); DC18V or 18.5V 5A(MAX); DC19V or 19.5V 4.7A(MAX); DC20V 4.5A(MAX); DC22V 4.1A(MAX); DC24V 3.8A(MAX); Efficiency: >88% (TYP) Line regulation: +- 5% Multiple Voltages Options so you can use this Universal AC Adapter with different Laptops, with the following tipsDC Connector: 9 tips: Tip 1 - 4.8mm x 1.7mm (hp/compaq); Tip 2 - 5.5mm x 1.5mm (Acer); Tip 3 - 5.5mm x 2.1mm (Acer); Tip 4 - 5.5mm x 2.5mm (IBM); Tip 5 - 5.5mm x 2.5mm (Gateway/Toshiba); Tip 6 - 5.5mm x 3.0mm (Samsung); Tip 7 - 6.3mm x 3.0mm (Toshiba); Tip 8 - 6.4mm x 4.4mm (Sony); Tip 9 - Dell PA-9 model (Dell)Instruction: 1. Please make sure the DC voltage your device uses is within 15v to 21v. You can find the dc voltage on your computer or the original ac adaptor that comes with your device. 2. Find the correct connector by trying to plug it in the device. We recommend plugging the connector in the device before it is plugged into the AC Adapter. 3. Make sure the correct polarity to be used withyour notebook computer, as false polarity can damage your computer. Please adjust the polarity on the detachable connector to suit your own computer. 4. Select the correct voltage (determined by your computer) just by simply moving the voltage switch button with your finger.

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