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AK-N7000 wireless adapter designed for Nikon D7000. When connect a supported camera with AK-N7000, the camera will have wireless function to acquire GPS data from bluetooth GPS receivers. The GPS data (Latitude, longitude, altitude, UTC time) will record in the EXIF file of photos when shooting. GPS receiver can be put in pocket or bag. No more cords or clutter! GPS Compatibility: -Holux M-241/M241-C, M-1000/M-1000B/M-1000C/M-1200, GPSlim 246/240/236B -Qstarz BT-Q1000X, BT-Q818X, BT-Q816X -Royaltek RBT2200, RBT2300 -GlobalSat BT328, BT368 -i-Blue 737A, 747A, MobileMate 886 -The above are tested GPS receivers. However, it should be compatible with any Bluetooth GPS receivers and data loggers. Camera Compatibility Nikon D3200, D7000 & New Nikon D600, D5200

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