Manufacturer’s Description

You don't need extension cords with today's cordless phones, but you do need reliable, dependable cordless phone batteries to keep you talking. Lenmar Enterprises' wide range of cordless phone batteries fit most popular models. The Lenmar name promises quality and convenience - and performance that's equal to or better than the battery that originally came with the phone.

The Specs

Battery Capacity 750 mAh
Additional Specifications
Battery Type Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Compatible Phone Panasonic Cordless Phones: KX-TG2352B KX-TG2352S KX-TG2352W KX-TG2382 KX-TG2382B KX-TG2383 KX-TG2383BP KX-TG2383PK KX-TGA230B KX-TGA230B/W KX-TGA230S KX-TGA230W KX-TGA2352 KX-TGA271 KX-TGA271B KX-TGA271V KX-TGA271W KX-TGA272 KX-TGA272S KX-TGA273 KX-TGA273S V-Tech Cordless Phones: i5808 i5858 i5871 IP811 ip8100 IP8100-2 IP8100-3 AT&T Cordless Phones: EP590-3 EP5962 EP5995
Quick Glance
Product Compatibility Panasonic Cordless Phones:KX-TG2352BKX-TG2352SKX-TG2352WKX-TG2382KX-TG2382BKX-TG2383KX-TG2383BPKX-TG2383PKKX-TGA230BKX-TGA230B/WKX-TGA230SKX-TGA230WKX-TGA2352KX-TGA271KX-TGA271BKX-TGA271VKX-TGA271WKX-TGA272KX-TGA272SKX-TGA273KX-TGA273SV-Tech Cordless Phones:i5808i5858i5871IP811ip8100IP8100-2IP8100-3AT&T Cordless Phones:EP590-3EP5962EP5995
Device Type Phone Battery
Warranty Information 1 Year

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