Manufacturer’s Description

383CW Lithium-ion Battery.

The Specs

Battery Technology Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Warranty Information 12 month(s)
Weight 11.39 oz
Green Compliance WEEE
Quick Glance
Product Type Notebook Battery
Number of Cells 6
Product Compatibility Dell Inspiron Notebooks: 13R 13R(3010-D330) 13R(3010-D370HK) 13R(3010-D430) 13R(3010-D460HK) 13R(3010-D520) 13R(N3010) 13R(N3010D-148) 13R(N3010D-168) 13R(N3010D-178) 13R(N3010D-248) 13R(N3010D-268) 13R(T510431TW) 13R(T510432TW) 13R(3010-D370TW) 13R(3010-D381) 13R(3010-D460TW) 13R(3010-D480) 13R(3010-D621) 13R(Ins13RD-348) 13R(Ins13RD-448) 13R(Ins13RD-448LR) 14R 14R(4010-D330) 14R(4010-D370HK) 14R(4010-D381) 14R(4010-D382) 14R(4010-D430) 14R(4010-D460HK) 14R(4010-D480) 14R(4010-D520) 14R(Ins14RD-438) 14R(Ins14RD-448B) 14R(Ins14RD-458) 14R(N4010) 14R(N4010D-248) 14R(N4010D-258) 14R(T510401TW) 14R(T510402TW) 14R(T510403TW) 14R(4010-D370TW) 14R(4010-D460TW) 15R 15R(5010-D330) 15R(5010-D370HK) 15R(5010-D382) 15R(5010-D430) 15R(5010-D460HK) 15R(5010-D480) 15R(5010-D481) 15R(5010-D520) 15R(N5010) 15R(N5010D-258) 15R(N5010D-278) 15R(Ins15RD-458B) 15R(Ins15RD-488) 17R 17R(N7010) M501 M501R N3010 N4010 N4010-148 N4010D-158 N5010 N5010D-148 N5010D-168 N7010 Dell Vostro Notebooks: 1440 1450 1540 1550 3450 3550 3750 M5030 M5030D M5030R
Input Voltage Supported 11.1 V
Battery Capacity 4400 mAh

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