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Plastics are cosmetic parts which make your computer unique. There are many types of plastics such as Desktop Side covers, Server Front Cover. Given the different types of plastics we sell, you need to be sure that the plastic you are choosing addresses your need.Another other important consideration while buying Plastics is the system and form factor compatibility. The same plastic type is available in various sizes for different computers and form factors. Please verify the System and Form Factor attributes in the Technical Specifications page to ensure that you are selecting the correct plastic for your computer.To ensure compatibility of a plastic with your system, we recommend that you use the System Drill Down or the Service Tag look up feature in the Parts For Your Dell™ tool. These features allow us to establish the system and form factor compatibility of the plastic with your system. Please note that some of our replacement products are provided as kits or assemblies. These kits may contain additional parts required for installation. In case a product is not sold as a kit or assembly, it may require complementary parts for ease of installation.Refurbished Spare Parts are parts retrieved from Dell-branded systems that have been returned, some of which have never been used. All Dell refurbished spare parts are certified to comply with all original Dell factory performance specifications and come with a 90-day limited hardware warranty.Dell’s limited hardware warranty c

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