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Mehndi-India Collection The SWITCH by Design Studio lid is custom made for your Inspiron R (N4110) series laptop, 2011 models. It slides on along the top of the laptop and clicks in, giving it the same look and feel of a permanent laptop lid. When purchasing, make sure you are buying the size that fits your 14 inch system, and make sure your system is the 2011 model of Inspiron R series which includes a replaceable lid latch. Latch Location  About the artist: Reflective of the stunning henna decorated on a brideâ??s body, the Mehndi design is illustrious in itâ??s elaborate pattern and vivid colors. Traditionally, the letters of the grooms name will be hidden in the pattern and it is the groomâ??s responsibility to find them on the wedding night! This design is available in SWITCH by Design Studio.

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