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Tartan RG-6 Cable, 15 foot, for Antenna, Satellite and Cable TV:RG-6/U type coaxial cable is used for a variety of applications, from hooking up a cable modem to simply connecting a television to a CATV jack, to wiring an antenna for off-air reception. This RG-6 cable is rated CL2 for in-wall installation, with a black PVC jacket. The connectors are standard type "F-connectors," corresponding to the screw-type jacks seen on wallplates, splitters, and RF inputs on typical home theater devices, and have a plastic overmolded strain relief boot to discourage abrupt bending which can cause impedance variations. Tartan RG-6 cables are durable and well-suited for general indoor and outdoor use.About Tartan Cable:Tartan Cable is a division of Blue Jeans Cable, a Seattle-based manufacturer and importer of broadcast-quality video and audio cable assemblies for the home theater market.

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Parent Retsku B0038SUFHO
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