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We work hard. You play hard. High-performance protection for complete peace of mind when shopping, banking or watching videos online.Complete protection - Keep your personal information safe while shopping, banking and social networking - Protect your movies, music, and photos from hackers and identity thieves High-speed performance - Speed up your PC for the ultimate in surfing and searching - Watch all your favorite videos without annoying lags or interruptions Ease of use - Enjoy an intuitive interface with straight-forward installation and use - Play hard while award-winning threat protection works quietly in the backgroundWe Protect UsTM AVG is 98 million active users working together, sharing threat information to keep each other safe. - Together WE keep 240 new viruses off our PCs every minute - Together WE remove over 100 million threats every single day - Every six seconds someone recommends US - Every six seconds someone new joins US - Join our community today to learn how We Protect UsFeatures:Protection that actually speeds up your PC Some security products slow your PC down, but AVG Internet Security 2012 speeds it up. Enjoy online video faster than ever before. Features: AVG Accelerator. AVG System Tools Block hackers and stop identity thieves More than just anti-virus, AVG Internet Security 2012 keeps your identity safe while shopping and banking online. Features: AVG Enhanced Firewall. AVG Identity Protection Award-winning anti-virus that just works Automatically updates to protect you from continually evolving threats. Features: Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware, AVG Protective Cloud Technology, AVG Community Protection Network, AVG Resident Shield, AVG Smart Anti-Rootkit Gaming and surfing without interruptions Only scans when you are away from your PC, stays out of the way when you are playing. Features: AVG Smart Scanning, Game Mode, Auto-Fix

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