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Hybrid backup has arrived! Rebit Pro offers unified Full System Recovery, File backup locally (to USB drive or NAS) and Cloud Backup/Disaster Recovery in one package. Stop managing backups using two different vendors and interfaces. Do it all from within Rebits easy to use interface . Rebit Pro supports multiple, local backup targets comprised of USB drives, or shares on a server or NAS device. There is no limit on the number of backups the software can manage. - Integrated local and cloud backup from a single control panel makes it simple to assure protection without complexity. - Continuous Data Protection insures that no more than 30 seconds of changes are exposed to risk. (CDP to local devices every 30 seconds, cloud synchronization every 2 hours). Versioning is supported. - Much like "time machine" for the PC, recovery points are captured every 24 hours, and all versions of files are maintained to allow the system to be rewound to a previous point in time (before the 'offending event' occurred).

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